Sunday, February 10, 2019

A Review of Clouded By Envy by Candace Robinson

I'm not normally a huge fantasy reader (I refuse to count LOTR, that's necessary reading) unless it's dark fantasy. I was really surprised at how much this story struck me and how fast it happened. 

You join the story of the twins, Brayora and Brenik, right after being born. It's an emotionally-charged story, and the characterization is superb, which is hard to accomplish sometimes in fantasy when you're dealing with creatures who aren't in our everyday world and might have different goals. Clouded by Envy does it very well.

The tone of the book is great fun, think along the lines of vampiric Peter Pan magic. The pacing in that kind of world is fast.

But the main reason to pick up this title for me was the antagonist. It's so rare you find one in a book that is so easily identifiable with. Without giving too much away, we've all been in the situation where life wasn't working out in our favor, and we've all been jealous of the people who weren't facing down the problems we were. It's easy to see yourself in this story from both sides, and that's what makes it memorable, and somewhat heartbreaking. 

I highly recommend Clouded By Envy to anyone who reads fantasy, and even to people like me who normally skim past it. This is a title that offers too much to pass up, and the tapestry of characters will haunt you long after you've finished reading. 

Bray and Brenik fan art, with some peaches for good measure...

 *I received an advance copy of this book for this review

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