Monday, December 10, 2018


I don't write a whole lot about movies or televisions shows because, well, you're already getting bombarded with a lot of marketing and reviews for that. Books reviews are a thing more than ever, but you still need to dig for the right fit usually. But I felt like I needed to talk about this here, and like all the best movies, this one was based on a book. 

Dumplin' is out on Netflix now. It's a game-changer for fat positive television and how we relate to each other as human beings. There's nothing bigger than that. And this deserves a lot of attention. 

I watched it with my tween daughter and husband, and we all loved it. The humor is genuine and the characters are lovable and it portrays a lot of real-life struggles you have with a body larger than average size. The main characters first encounter with a love interest- and the freakout you get when someone actually loves you and your body- is real. The courage it takes just to be the center of attention in a culture that really wants to hammer into you that you don't belong is real. The way this show tackles this and shows that these are struggles not just fatter people have is the most positive way I have ever seen it dealt with. Ever. 

Also, more of a side-note, but being from Texas all my life, I loved the atmosphere of the film. It's comforting and sweet and everything you'd need in a coming-of-age story because Texas is like that. 

It's a movie about learning to be who you are, cherishing the goodness in the people around you, and about loving Dolly Parton. And the world needs to pay attention to this right now.

I'm also adding the book to my Christmas list. Julie Murphy deserves all the awards for making this story. 

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