Tuesday, October 2, 2018

I Told You I'd Talk About a Book About Walking...a Review of Walking Magazine The Complete Guide To Walking, by Mark Fenton.

First, this version is a dated book. It's still one of the better exercise books I've found, and if that doesn't say a lot, not sure what will...

Anyway, a book on walking is about as simple as it sounds. There are regimens to build your stamina (just walk further each day, then go faster, done) and added workouts that either you can try for weight loss or strength training. 

And that's why I actually liked this book. 

It's simple. 

And shows you the research on things like how runners are way more likely to hurt themselves than walkers but the benefits are so similar, and that walking really works for our bodies as far as exercise goes. 

It's literally how we were designed to get around our world. Which, if you think about it, is kind of cool. And I get why that's a calming experience. It's also great because this will work for a wide variety of people. 

I don't know for sure (I walk in either sandals or freaking canvas shoes, I know shit about footwear) but people have told me the portion dealing with shoes is super outdated but most everything else is at least decent. They (Walking Magazine) has a newer edition, but for the two different prices, I think this one works fine. Because it's a book about walking. 😃

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