Monday, September 10, 2018

Exercises in Futility.

Working out and eating better is part of the regimen to help regulate my arrhythmia. Trying to actually make it a part of daily life is harder than it seems like it should be-even if life isn't getting in the way. 

I tried several different workout types. Most were complete failures. 

If you have an irregular heartbeat, you have to watch out for abrupt changes in position. It's why you might pass out just trying to get clothes out of the damn dryer. 

Salt and water help, but you still can't do it on repeat. Which is why things like Yoga made me want to throw up and die (sorry, Yoga, I still think you're cool) and even with the regular cardio or kickboxing videos I found that I had to just skip segments because there is no way I can go down to the floor and up again that quickly. 

Weightlifting has been alright-if I keep everything above my waist. I'm also new at that, so just using tiny 3lb. weights, and by itself, it won't retrain my heart. That's cardio's job for the most part. 

Walking never makes me feel bad, but finding the time to get in enough of it to make a difference has been an uphill fight, although this and tiny weights have made it into my regular called upon rotation. 

What surprisingly has helped and made me feel okay is a handful of ballet workouts. I realize I'm not going to be a dancer, but the workouts and stretches are not super fast into any position changes (at least in the beginning, maybe that gets worse or faster, I have no idea) and it has helped me think of my cardio as a calming routine versus something I was dreading. So, yeah, my tachycardia peeps...ballet. I was surprised too. But it is helping me feel stronger. 

Eating better has also been incredibly hard. I struggle with this far more than being active because at least being active can be enjoyable. Passing up cake doesn't make most people happy. I'm also an emotional eater. That really sucks and is hard to break. 

And I don't seem to be able to do any of it right. I had trouble with low blood sugar before, and Metoprolol for my heart rate has made that a more frequent battle. Cutting calories landed me with the ocular migraines that popped into my life during the worst of my SVT episodes, so I wonder if low blood sugar is the culprit. But I figure if I'm getting what I need or spacing it out better, I can beat that. I just haven't figured out how (or even if that is the cause) and probably need a dietician, because I can't deal with being in that much pain that often. It almost broke me last week, and I just can not again.  

It's hard to try to be healthier. And it's hard when being chronically ill makes it a crummier uphill slog. You have to worry about things that will never cross most people's minds. 

But I know that, like everyone dealing with a health issue, I have to just keep trying and modifying things until they can work for me. 

*I've posted it on here before, but I also still use and totally recommend Zombies, Run! Yes, you can do it at any pace, so no worries.*

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