Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Easy Warframe Crafts

Happy Video Game Day. 

If you liked games like Destiny (or the idea of them, anyway) then you're probably already playing Warframe, or you should be. It's free, multiplayer, and written with a fantastic storyline. 

I don't have time or interest for most multiplayer games, it requires just...too much. Too much time, money, investment, too much everything and as a parent I just don't have enough of any of that. With Warframe you can play just a little in a week and make progress, which was important to me- and the community is genuinely pretty supportive of one another. Those are things I haven't found anywhere else and I really do think this is a great game. The plot is pretty heartfelt as well, with some powerful moments in it as you go. Give it a try, you won't regret it, and it's updated regularly always. You can download it on the website here and I believe it is on Steam as well. 

If you're already a Warframe fan like my husband and myself, I put together a few fandom crafts you can do with just a few supplies.

Kubrow Pumpkin and Warframe Lanterns

I just grabbed a plain foam pumpkin from Dollar Tree along with some leftover summer lanterns, but any of the little Halloween lanterns would work, too. The main thing you are looking for is that you can paint the surface if you want to. 

You will need, in addition to your blank pumpkin and lanterns;

-printed pictures of Warframe characters you like (or printed pictures of whatever you want) 
-craft or acrylic paint in your choice of colors
-glitter paint (optional)

First, put a coat of paint on your pumpkin, you may have to let it dry and put on a second coat if you are having trouble with your coverage. 

If you want glitter, you can let the paint coats dry and brush that over the pumpkin as well. This step lays the background colors down, so have fun and make sure you let everything dry.

Cut out your printed pictures and coat them with Modpodge to stick them where you want them on your pumpkin. 
I slather the back of the picture first and use my paintbrush to flatten it out as best as I can before putting at least two coats of it over the image. Some people prefer the foam brushes for this and they even have specialty ones at craft stores to help you get the air bubbles out, but I've never found any of that super necessary. 

Let everything dry one more time and you have your specialty theme pumpkin to show off your fandom for Autumn. 

For the lanterns, depending on what you pick, you won't be able to get a flat color. The ones I chose were a pretty deep bronze, but they reminded me of some of the aesthetics found in Warframe, so I took them anyway. I picked two paint colors for each lantern so I could do a gradient, and it's only slightly noticeable, but that works perfectly. 

For these, I just applied my acrylic paint with a brush in one coat. That's it. Just paint them what you want.

I found that I liked that bronze color showing through, so don't be afraid of the original object bringing its own color palette.

Once that was dry, I brushed on a coat of clear glitter craft paint, and they were done. If you don't want glitter, obviously omit that step, but who doesn't want glitter. 

Warframe Shoes

For the shoes, you will need

-Some canvas shoes, any brand
-paint markers, I used Liquitex but there are other choices-and this is optional because you can paint your design with a small brush if you'd like. 
-acrylic paint

I laid down a coat of Modpodge over the tips of my shoes where I would be painting. Once it was dry, I painted the background colors. 

For the design, I used paint markers to freehand a Tenno theme and a machine pattern, but you could freehand something with a paintbrush as well. Just make sure your original layer of Modpodge and your next layer of paint for the background are dry and go to town with whatever you'd like. It does take some planning because this is a small space, so I recommend doing a sketch about the same size first, but that's the awesome thing about painting stuff-if you don't like it, paint over it. 

Once your design is done and dry, I'd go ahead and seal it in with one or two coats of Modpodge over it. I've had these painted for over a month and so far it's holding up okay and I totally credit those layers with that. 

You can also use glitter paint over this if you'd like, it doesn't fleck off the way you think it would during everyday wear. 

Happy crafting and happy gaming. 

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