Saturday, August 11, 2018

A Review of Girls' Home Spa Lab, by Maya Pagan

I'm actually really excited that my tween daughter loves a lot of beauty product stuff. She's even talking about plans to become a make-up artist and has about 5,000 hair accessories for her Rapunzel-long hair. I hadn't anticipated all of this being this much fun once the kids got older, and Girls' Home Spa Lab is right up our alley. 

There are a lot of good reminders for young girls (sleep, exercise, eat well, and, yeah, brush your teeth)  some yoga poses, some general ideas like journaling-but the meat of the book deals in beauty and self-care recipes. Not all of which we would try in our house (raspberry tea and things like witch hazel are no's from my heart warrior family, and parents who have medical conditions in themselves and their kids are going to have to go over which recipes are okay and which aren't with scrutiny-one recipe even contained a raw egg, so just be practical and careful). This is definitely a book that is more fun if you work through it with your child or children, so explaining why some recipes aren't workable for your family specifically just lends itself to the experience in my opinion; it wasn't a deal breaker for us. There were a lot of things to try and you'll find some things that will become staples in your house, so it's worth picking up even if you have some special medical concerns or allergies. 

And some of the activities are awesome. We found a recipe for beach wave hair spritz that works wonders for my two daughters' thick hair and it's great that this book encourages girls away from using heat-damaging products. As someone who had straightener burns throughout grade school, I REALLY loved that we could find something that caters to my daughter's love of style with respect to her body instead of approaching it aggressively-which is how most beauty is marketed. 

That, for me, was the best part of this book. It's filled with positive messages and teachable topics.

This would be a marvelous gift for your older kiddo who is into spa and beauty care, and it's a nice experience to make some of this stuff with them, so I recommend this 100%. 

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