Thursday, July 19, 2018

A Review of The New Vegetarian South by Jennifer Brule'

I've reviewed several vegetarian (and some vegan) cookbooks on this blog, but this is the first Southern-style anything cooking I've been able to get ahold of (ya'll). I was born in and grew up in Texas, so this was something I needed to have. 

Some of the recipes are easy, think creamy veggie dips and cheeseballs, (kind of trying not to drool while typing) and some are really technical. Like you're going to have to know your way around a food processor and seitan textures technical. So, I probably can't use all of these recipes (but, that's almost always the issue with cookbooks, right?) but the damn truth is anything that deals with okra, mashed potatoes, and gravies is welcome on my bookshelf-and anything that makes my life easier by making it vegetarian gets some extra honor points. 

Anyone trying to reduce meat intake or avoid it should look into this title for the techniques that we love and swear by here in the South. The photographs are beautiful, but still quaint, which just carries the whole overall theme that this is our comfort food. 

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