Thursday, July 26, 2018

A Review of Art Starts with a Line: A creative and interactive guide to the art of line drawing, by Erin McManness

I remember sitting in an advertising class a few years back and hearing the professor say that the graphic design trend was about to change and nobody could predict what it would morph into really. You know what, I think I might be seeing a trend. 

Okay, maybe not THE trend, but definitely one of them...

The hand-drawn line art, probably made more popular by the journaling frenzy, is everywhere. I'm pretty happy about that because it's ludicrously gorgeous. That's all this book deals with, so if you need more of that in your life (you do) then Art Starts With A Line is perfect.

It starts off walking you through materials, and even a few coloring techniques, and then you're off to lessons. Fun lessons. Each section has spaces for you to practice your skills, and these are so adorable that you are going to be driven to draw along. Few art books are that freaking fun. And the lessons start very simply and for a little effort, you can get some beautiful effects. 

And if you are an art veteran, don't worry. These design ideas aren't so simple that you won't get something out of them. It also gets more challenging as you will eventually move into skylines and building details. Don't freak out about that if you're not a seasoned artist either, everything is handed out here in a way that you can tackle it.

All in all, I can recommend this art book to everyone of all skill sets. That by itself is amazing, but the sheer giddy fun factor to be had in this style just pushes this over the top. 

And, yeah, if you are journaling, you are going to have to buy this title because I have not seen anything anywhere that breaks this useable style down the way this does. 

I sketched some of my favorite elements from the book and digitally
painted them. I call this one "Baby Umbrellas" because it's adorable. 

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