Thursday, June 28, 2018

Meeting the Frugalwoods...And then, leaving. Because it's awkward.

I sort of try to only review positive stuff here. Mostly because everything sucks. Sucking is not special. I only want to talk about titles that don't. And, just because I don't like something doesn't mean another reader won't. I write my reviews to just make it easier for people to find some gems. 

This book isn't poorly written. At all. It's in a memoir style, which yeah I should have known that going into it, but because I'd not yet heard of them and the cover doesn't scream it, that caught me off guard. It's still well-written. But don't expect it to list tips on saving money. Expect like a chapter talking about not spending money on foundation and that leading to never wearing makeup again somehow being empowering. 

Normally, I'd of pushed this aside because while it is put together nicely, this is not the book everyone needs right now. 

But that made it important for me to address it. You can find a damn good breakdown of the issue in this article, but the truth of the matter is that these millennials were already functionally well-off before college. 

The media is treating this story like it needs to be the reality for our generation. 

It's not even close for most of us. This would be a great book for moderately wealthy young adults. But Meet The ModeratelyWeathlyWoods was probably a shitty title choice. 

To the author's credit, she puts in an intro that acknowledges that she started in a position of power. And that she hopes we move to a more humane system. That's redeeming, but it doesn't completely make up for the fact that this is so far off base for the general population that it is downright damaging to pass it off like it isn't. And that's why I felt like I needed to talk about it. 

There's a silent, almost crushing injustice in the way this is presented. 

It's not a bad book or even an evil one. It's just tone deaf to our reality and it's being marketing like it isn't. 

So, don't meet the Frugalwoods I guess. Or, do, if you have cushy investment funds and would really like to hear about planning a party for even richer people to get them to donate things. 

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