Saturday, March 17, 2018

Houston Writer Spotlight-Andrew Fairchild

We were lucky enough to have a local Houston writer, Andrew Fairchild, conduct a writing workshop for kids at our library. He donates a lot of his time helpings kids in the community and this was a great yet no pressure writing talk with a book-creating exercise at the end- and my kids loved it. 

His titles are all thought-provoking, from a funny story about a girl who loves her differences to themes like caretaking, courage, and cross-barriers friendship. They don't talk down to kids, as even in light-hearted notes, these are heavy subjects. They are great conversation starters about important stuff for young kids. 

If you're looking for some new children's books, you can find Fairchild's titles on his website at

I had to read to believe that Houston is a sea of writers, comparable to New York in numbers and talent. You would think I would have been less dense about it, as several of my friends are writers, but it's easy to think you are alone when many of us are in small groups or no groups at all. 

I'm mixed on the benefits of writers groups (it was great for me one time, but harmful the others, though it can be a way to connect) but I definitely feel like those of us in Houston should all cheer each other on. 

So support your local writers. Review their work, talk to your friends about it, buy their stuff. 

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