Sunday, March 11, 2018

Folk Art Fusion: Americana by Joy Laforme-Because You Need This Art Book

I'm excited every time I get to review an art book. I don't think anyone can ever have enough of those (unlike writing books, whose advice might paralyze or screw you up, art books are always adding to your perception and viewpoint). 

It's hard for me to describe the style found in this book in any other way than picture all the warm and sweet memories in our collective culture as Americans-that is what Americana Folk Art is. And it's stunning. If you've brushed it off or not had an encounter with it up close, please do, because you are missing out on something remarkable if you don't. 

This isn't a list style art book, though you will get several project ideas you can work through with some instruction. It reads paragraphically and you can probably work through a piece just after reading the section and seeing the artist's beautiful example. That's a hallmark of an art book that works. 
I had to work digitally, and my toddler was allowed to help (because she could
really only improve it). It's not my best work, but it was so much
fun to try. The lessons are easy to read
and deviate from too if you like. 

You're encouraged to experiment if you want to as well. That was my only worry picking this up; that it would be a paint-by-my-numbers guide but fear not, because it isn't. 

Joy Laforme created a wondrous art book, and if you are creative minded, then you need it for the breakdown of this fascinating style. More than anything else, this book is fun, and a great set of exercises in art. You can find out more about the artist/author on her website  at

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