Monday, March 5, 2018

Down With Fake Easter Grass Forever-A Review of Upcycling: Celebrations by Danny Seo

This book popped up as I was looking for titles to help with Easter ideas (one of my favorite holidays) and given that some of our now traditional celebrations have become super wasteful, "Upcycling: Celebrations" by Danny Seo sounded like a great read. 

There are some cool ideas here: spray painting ghost-face vases for Halloween for that ethereal effect on old bottles, cutting up plastic bottles into urchin-like shapes to float real flowers as centerpieces, even seating you can make from giant belts and your book collection. 

And, the author is right. We're not thinking about the impact of buying or not buying those stupid plastic party favor bags for kids (filled with stuff they are going to break, lose, or hate in ten minutes) or, my personal nemesis, plastic freaking Easter grass...I mean...WHY?

You can get some paper versions of it now even at giant chain stores and that's awesome. But, don't pay for it this year. If you want green grass, paint some paper you were going to toss and cut or shred it. Or don't paint it and do that, turns out your kids don't care what their plush lambs and chocolate bunnies and eggs sit on in their baskets. 

All that said, there are a lot of projects in here that miss the mark for me. I'm not making an ugly sweater Christmas wreath unless I'm being threatened, and it might take some consideration even then. And nothing, however pretty and ecologically minded, is ever taking the place of cake at my parties (If the guests don't eat it, we will, I promise). But I would bet everyone can find about five ideas in this that they both have the supplies for at home and WANT to do, and that is a high mark for books like these. 

It's also easy to get through with clear directions and nothing that will overwhelm you, so there isn't any reason not to read it if you are of the planet-conserving mind and like to throw parties. It's a neat idea to turn the culture of waste that surrounds all of that on its head. 

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