Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Classics for Younger Readers-A Review of "Poetry for Kids: William Shakespeare by William Shakespeare and Marguerite Tassi"

Classics, the world-changing ones, are a great idea to adapt for younger readers. I am 150% for Shakespeare snippets for kids. 

However, I feel like this particular book is the best fit for tweens and young teens, around 11-14 (but, calling this "Shakespeare for Tweens and Teens" probably isn't catchy). I'm basing this both on my older kids' reactions and the fact that I went Willy-Shakes CRAZY at about that age and would have really appreciated this volume as a gift right about then. Younger kids might read this, but I think the biggest pull and benefit of it will be felt for that age group. 

That out of the way, my gosh is this a lovely book. 

The illustrations are killer and with just the right amount of ink and whimsy. They fit perfectly without overwhelming the text and it is gorgeous together. 

All of your favorite verses are here; your Romeo and Juliet love poetry, your fairy speeches that make you question the ideas of life and theatre, and even the Macbeth-witch scene. My favorites are still the Julius Ceaser scenes, which are short, powerful, to the point. 

My older kids are just barely coming into the age-group that I feel will get the most out of this, but I think it's a safe bet for parents to stock this on the shelf for when the bard-frenzy does hit. It's actually beautiful enough I kind of just want it for my collection as an adult, anyway. 

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