Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Review of "Humanity" by Ai Weiwei; edited by Larry Warsh

Being an artist sometimes means you feel powerless.

I mean who are you compared to the doctor treating the sick? Who are you compared to the person building homes and cars? Who are you compared to scientists discovering truths about our world?

Ai Weiwei is the best answer to that question. His work deals with questioning the norm of dehumanization, corrupt leadership, human suffering. Anyone who thinks artists can't make a difference doesn't know yet about people like Ai Weiwei. Unshakable, he creates even when it puts him in danger. He continues to get us to look at the hard things through art. 

So, when given the chance to review "Humanity", I couldn't turn that down.

It's a book of quotes dealing with the refugee crises, which Ai Weiwei has seen up close and personal. The quotes are powerful and collected under themes like "Freedom" that act as chapters in a way. 

It's a read that won't take you long but probably will bring tears to your eyes. But that's a good thing. A great thing.

The text focuses in on the understanding that borders are imaginary and any problem involving other human beings belongs to us all.

"We have to remember we have no choice. We’re either on the right side or on the wrong side. (106) "-"Humanity" by Ai Weiwei, edited by Larry Walsh. 

If you aren't familiar with him or his work, this is a good documentary to get you started. 

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