Friday, March 23, 2018

A Review of Hot for Food Vegan Comfort Classics by Lauren Toyota

Every time I have to deal with cooking meat for family meals I get cheesed off. 

It's a chore to deal with, it really is. There is a lot more you have to worry about with cooking meat than vegetarian food, and half the time my kids won't eat it. So, we're mostly a half-assed vegetarian family. We have meat for blood iron (because I'm not risking the kids going anemic the way that I did) every once in awhile and try to use fewer resources by eating meals with no meat the rest of the time. 

So, why would I get a vegan cookbook rather than a vegetarian one?

Well, honestly, if you're going to cook, go ahead and read cookbooks for things you think you don't want to make. Seriously, try it. Chances are you will find something of value in that book anyway and it's just an easy way to expand techniques and ideas.

And vegan recipes are easily adaptable to vegetarian ones. 

Especially this book.

I may not have the mental willpower or energy to sacrifice a handful of potatoes to grind down for an imitation cheese dip, but I can totally use regular cheese on my family's loaded vegetarian fries. 

This book says it offers comfort food and it does, and for every recipe you aren't going to try (can I even find jackfruit to grill here?) you can find two or three that you will, like spicy peanut noodles or lasagna soup. This recipe collection is well done and tasty, and my kids loved the loaded fries that were adapted to just a vegetarian version. 

The photography is full page and beautiful, and if you need more weeknight dinner ideas, go ahead and get this anyway. It's a gorgeous and innovative cookbook. 

*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review* 

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