Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Review of "The Creature Garden"

I always think the last art book I reviewed was the best one, and I'm always impressed by the works of the next book. If I could review only art books, I probably would. They are that fun. And important- they are that important! Art books are a wonderful source of inspiration and instruction on techniques and styles you might not have been exposed to yet. Easier than an art course and more fun than a lecture, anyone interested in art needs a good set of art books. 

So, another book you should add to your shelf is "The Creature Garden: An Illustrator's Guide to Beautiful Beasts and Fictional Fauna" (it's just as much fun as it sounds like it is in the title, seriously). Made by husband and wife team, Zanna Goldhawk and Harry Goldhawk, it is a collection of art instruction on mammals, insects, sea creatures, even fictional creatures in a very stylized and gorgeous manner. You don't have to paint these, or sketch these, or anything these- you can go with the medium you are comfortable with and that includes digital. 

The subject matter is fantastic, the tips on shaping creatures are wonderful and as much as I enjoyed it as an adult, this is perfect for budding artists. If you can get your kids one book to draw along with, let it be this one. The lessons are not a chore, the beauty of it is inspiring and I think it can lead some readers to great places in their artwork.

Don't pass up "The Creature Garden". 

You don't have to use the lessons to create an army of insane hybrid creatures,
but you totally can. You know, if you want to. I made this narwhalopus with strictly digital means and
still got some nice effects. 

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