Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Comic Review: Little Nightmares Vol.1 and 2

I have two kids that loved this game and I did, too. For all the negatives of it being too short or too vague, it really ended up being a work of art and appealing to many people of many ages, which is wonderful for scary anything and quite an accomplishment. 

The DLC content, an additional storyline to the original game (which I won't spoil here, but it's heart-breaking) is finished, and while that gave us more of a plot to the original game, vague is still the best way to describe it. You can tell there is a vividness to the monsters and the world and its rules and even the main character, but we don't get to see anything but brief glimpses of that. Which is why comics were a great idea for Little Nightmares. 

It's still a highly visual medium and allows more storytelling than the playable game. I read both volumes with my son, and the story is fascinating, but...

It's still a little more sparse than I wanted. We got some looks at who transports the kids and some monster backgrounds, but overall we wanted more.

There are zero reasons not to get these and any future issues, and we will. They are beautiful and haunting just like the game and it's an enjoyable read. I just really hope we get more details later because Little Nightmares is too fascinating for us not to. 

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