Monday, January 1, 2018

The Book that contains both the words "Subtle" and "F*ck" that you need to read for 2018.

This has been the hardest holiday season in a long time. It was a race to get my maxed out insurance coverage to get my machine for mixed sleep apnea, and my children dealt first with mutant strep, then my oldest got hit with the flu right after finishing her antibiotic. I was told by our pediatrician that this right now was incredibly common, which is horrific. 

It made Christmas hard. And New Year celebrations were barely existent, but everyone is okay if the worse for wear and the vaccine seemed to have helped everyone deal with it but my oldest. 

We did manage the annual doofusing of the X-mas tree to ring in 2018.

To put it in a shorter fashion, this was a hard, hard year. 

But in so many ways it could have been so much worse, so I'm wrapping 2017 on a grateful note and sending it on its way to hell, or wherever tough years go once they are over. 

It seems fitting that one of the best books I came across for the end of 2017 has the word F*CK in it. And it should go on everyone's list for this new year, as you are probably already being bombarded with ways to change yourself and resolutions you won't keep.

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck; A Counterintuitive Approach To Living A Good Life by Mark Manson might be my favorite psychology book I have ever come across. If you haven't already read it, this is the book that needs to go on your 2018 list. 

I'm not that person that laughs out loud in public while reading. But that totally happened with this book. It happened so many times that the people surrounding me in the library ended up just laughing AT me (and I'm grateful they were such awesome and good-natured humans). The early chapters are worse for weird rabid laughing outbursts than the later ones, just be aware you are probably going to be that reader at some point in this novel. 

It's hilarious at times, but it's not a joke. In the pages, you will find the truth about the limited fucks you have to dole out while you are still living, and why you can't afford to waste them or hand them out like cheap Halloween candy. 

You'll find out why chasing happiness is stupid, what might be going wrong with our tech-crammed millennial generation, and that you and I are not special. 

You'll find out that what you want in life is not defined by what makes you feel good, but what you are willing to bleed for. 

Even the Buddha's story is mentioned here, and believe it or not, it fits in perfectly to this mindset of accepting that there is suffering and letting go of what doesn't matter. 

This is the book most of us need, and many of us will need to read it right now. 

If there is one thing 2017 taught me by handing me a chronic illness that came swinging in under the guise of a terminal one, it's that our time here is limited. Figuring out what really matters isn't easy, and now it's a crowded highway of things bombarding you with what you should do, be, or care about. Stuff like this helps. I highly recommend buying several copies for you and the people you give fucks about. 

Happy New Year. 

Thanks to the photographer for the image via Unsplash unsplash-logoJay Castor

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