Friday, December 8, 2017

The Snowy Day

Or evening, actually. 

Snow didn't hit until pretty late and, knowing it would melt before noon, I and many parents around Houston woke our kids up early to play in the snow before school. My son's teachers were able to take their students outside before the big melt, but my oldest would have missed it save for the beautiful, cold drive to her class. Our youngest had never, ever seen snow. None of them could believe waking up to everything wrapped up in a sparkling white blanket. 

The last few years it snowed, 2008 and 2009, were when my middle child was born and around his 1st birthday (we recently celebrated his 9th with a Christmas themed-outing). He was extra excited it came back around after all these years without it. 

We're snow-spazzes around here, but most of our winter holidays are spent with us gazing longingly at portraits of traditional winter places and wishing we had a few days of that here (not all the time, as we do enjoy shoveling all that sunshine out of our driveways, but as a seasonal beauty-snow is amazing). 

It was a strange thing seeing layers of snow on our palm tree-lined streets, but we're so grateful. 

And on a surprise snowy day, there isn't a better book than Jack Ezra Keats "The Snowy Day". Like snow, it just feels like magic. 

We also watched Amazon Prime's animated adaption of it, which is just beautiful, and a sweet Christmas show to make a family tradition. (We all watched it last year, too, but it was followed by the kids asking if it will ever snow here. This year, it was definitely something special). 

2017 has been one for the memory books. 

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