Saturday, December 9, 2017

Some Serious Praise for Channel Zero

I hadn't heard a word from anyone about  SyFy's Channel Zero when it aired, and had I not come across a review of it recently, would not have known it existed. 

That kind of embarrasses me, because while being as much of a tech introvert as I am a daily life introvert kind of interrupts keeping a pulse on horror news, I feel like I should have known about this to cheer it on from day one. 

But I'm glad I found it, so there is that. 

If you're searching around for things to watch after binge-watching Stranger Things 2, and you don't mind things getting weirder and insanely darker, you will probably find Channel Zero a really great fit. 

The acting struck me as wonderful. The first season centers around child psychologist, and he's portrayed just as soft-spoken and evened-out as you would expect him to be even in the deadly situations he keeps finding himself in. The second season starts out in a typical teen horror movie theme and runs it right the hell out of there on wheels of fire with interesting portraits of who the teenagers are as friends and people. All this is set against scary backdrops, creatures, and goings on that never ring as trite and are sometimes eerily poetic. It has good reviews, but I get the feeling this series is underrated for everything it accomplishes. The story lines are based on some of the best Creepypastas. 

Watching them as a fan of the genre, you can't help but think that this is the kind of beauty possible only in dark storytelling. And that is amazing.  

There are two full seasons as of right now, and should be a third in 2018. You can find "Candle Cove" of season 1 and "No-End House" of season 2 on Amazon Prime currently if you feel this calling to you. 

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