Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Review of Milk and Cookies by Tina Casaceli

Just so we are clear, most of my memorized cookie recipes have three ingredients (peanut butter, sugar, egg). Before I had three kids, I could make a more detailed version of chocolate chip cookies in large batches from my husband's recipe. 

I'm lucky now to remember where I put the bag of chocolate chips. 

Baking requires precision. It just does. And it kind of burns to pay that much attention to small details at this point in my life for cooking. So, when I tell you that a cookbook doesn't suck, you should listen. 

Milk and Cookies, named after the amazing New York cookie shop, was still an okay read for me. It was written by the pastry chef, Tina Casaceli, who owns and operates Milk and Cookies, and it contains basic mixture recipes as well those that build upon those flavors. It has her family recipes in it as well. For people really looking to level up their baking skills, this would be an excellent thing to have around. 

When I saw that the basic vanilla cookie base included me using a food processor on my oatmeal, I was kind of out. I don't have a stand mixer, I have never owned a food processor, and anything I can't mix or knead by hand needs to get out of my life. 

But the book did include some easier recipes for the baking-challenged like myself, like oatmeal cookies (with whole oatmeal in it) and some really nice brownie recipes which are simple enough to look like fun to mix. 

Overall, this is a fun book. It's meant to be a fun book, even for those of us who would probably accidentally light most of these recipes on fire; and with a good mixture of difficulty ranges, it can be a good fit for most readers. The photography is lovely and playful, too, which fits with the mood of the cookbook. I'd recommend this first for the elevated baker, but everyone can find something that works for them in Milk and Cookies.  

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