Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Downtime with Z Nation.

I'm working on two new covers. Two new covers and a re-edit and a new short story. I'm working on two new covers and a re-edit and a short story and trying to keep up with the life that happens with two middle-schoolers and a toddler and more medical appointments than I can even focus on at any given moment...and I did that thing where I run myself into the ground. 

When that happens I get some signals from my body that I'm in trouble. 

I was awakened by my heart running a marathon in the middle of the night, and while the episodes of tachycardia were short (probably thanks to my meds) they were also insistent. I spent the majority of the night fighting it and trying to keep track of the time so that, if one of them exceeded the 15-minute window, I could call for help. None of them did. 

I required a lot of help to get through the next day, and I'm still recovering today, too. The attacks used to be brief and over but now often drain my energy and body for longer periods of time. 

As much as I'd like to feel accomplished and have everything done, I have to realize it's not always possible and probably not a great idea. 

It's one of those things that REALLY sucks about indie publishing-you are responsible for everything. It's a great way to learn about the industry from the ground up, but there is a learning curve and it's a lot of juggling. 

And sometimes juggling is about knowing when you're going to drop fucking everything and stopping before that happens.

So today is a minimal responsibility day-there are always things to take care of, but my quiet time won't be filled with working today. 

It will be filled with popcorn and pizza rolls on the couch. And finishing my book. And watching "Z Nation" with my husband. 

We missed this show when it aired starting a few years back (yeah, I know. But we had a new baby, The Strain was on, life was busy) but now I'm sad we didn't tune in.

It's horror, it's definitely a zombie series, but it has a sense of humor while still maintaining some aspects of right-and-wrong that make horror compelling. 

If realism in zombie stories bothers you, skip it, because they crack open fresh walking dead heads with everything from egg beaters to golf clubs. 

But what they do have are memorable and likable, if goofy, characters and an interesting storyline. It's a great show to take a break with, especially in October. 

Also, "A Tribe Called Red" made some music for this show for an episode (I haven't gotten to those yet, but it looks and sounds great). I have to watch anything they had a hand in because they are amazing, and you can check out their stuff here . 

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