Friday, September 8, 2017

Matching Glass Sets for Horror Fans: A Review of "Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault" and "The Bride of Glass" by Candace Robinson.

It's not very often that I would call a horror book fun. It's just often hard to combine the two in a successful way. But Candance can do that, and she did not once, but twice. 

If you find yourself nostalgic for scares combined with your favorite story book characters, "Glass Vault" was written for you. It's a kind of giddy fun like a Tim Burton film, but with a far darker edge, and a lot more blood and guts. All of the main characters are barely adults, and I kind of find myself wishing this book had existed when I was that age. 

The second novel, fairly recently released, "The Bride of Glass" I think is a revealing of the portrait that was beginning to be painted in the previous book. You get a lot of the why's filled in here for each character, and a lot of different experiences, but with the same dark fairy tale style served up in the predecessor, if a bit more on the serious side as the stakes become higher in a worldwide sense. Both are fun rides, but not intended to be standalone, so grab the first book and read in order. 

My favorite parts of these books have to be the character creations from the Glass Vault. All of them are so inventive. I mean, where else are you going to be in danger of being attacked by a mermaid that's rotting to pieces? 

Characters too fun not to create fan art. 

Seriously, supporters of horror shouldn't pass these up. You can get the first book here, and the second here

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