Saturday, August 12, 2017

Doubt and Saying Goodbye to Summer Break.

It's the end of summer. Like in just over a week, school is back in session. 

I feel overly emotional about that even though our school is a good place. I find myself wondering if it's the right choice to send them away at all. Having pulmonary hypertension comes with that countdown on being alive (okay, we can't see the numbers, but we know it's there) and you think hey, maybe I need to homeschool so I can get more time with them. Oak Meadow isn't THAT expensive...

And you think maybe it's better to have more quiet time with my significant other, and more time to rest, so school is a better choice. 

And then generally the entire thought process starts over until you cry a little bit. 

So, end of summer is definitely depressing me a little. 

But in keeping with tradition, it meant the end of the summer reading program rewards party.

I am ridiculously proud that all three of my kids read either sixty books in total or thirty hours. And you know what? I can tell a difference. My older two have become faster at reading, more confident. My youngest isn't reading, but we're seeing the emerging signs of her pretending to read books, and asking for a larger variety of stories-and longer ones. I've said (and written it) before and I'll say it again, summer reading programs are really wonderful things. Every library participating will have a different celebration, and this year it was face-painting, a petting zoo, and snow cones (probably so that nobody passed out from heat exhaustion) along with some prizes. It was fun, and they earned it. 

This summer also marks the first year where all three of our children can swim. 

I'm proud of them, but also it's a huge relief to have an activity all three of them love. Our toddler didn't want anything to do with pools until she could swim without someone holding her (she still wears her approved floaties). And it's x1000 easier to take everyone swimming when you don't have to hold a small child the entire time. You still have to eagle-eyes watch because even a water-confident kid can drown in seconds, but the new level of independence makes all of them happy. 

Going to miss you, summer break. 

Now we just need to plan one more awesome thing to do for the last week.

And try not to cry at the prospect of them returning to school. 

Also, if you have kids, please look into Jon Klassen's hat trilogy books. 

They are very easy for early readers, but magically and hilariously illustrated and worded enough that everyone in the room just HAS to come over and get a closer look at what you're reading. "We Found A Hat" gets the award for the funniest book we've read this summer. 

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