Saturday, August 5, 2017

Bullet Journals are Bull.

I'm not sure why I thought it would help me, but I tried it anyway. 

Bullet Journaling. It's like keeping a sketch-ish diary and planner and social calendar and sometimes even a business ledger and recipe book all in one. 

That sounds exhausting because it is. 

The pins for it are beautiful, there are a ton of really talented people making some gorgeous journal pages, and the accessories like artistic pens and stickers are fun. But, that doesn't mean it's not wasting your time. Actually, anything involving stickers with me is probably wasting time...

But after trying it for awhile, I knew this wasn't helping me. 

I'm scattered and distracted and busy, so keeping important information in a book that isn't in my face is a horrible, horrible idea. I've talked about before why my erasable wall calendar saves me so often, but most of it is that EVERYONE can always see it. Turns out there is no replacing that for me. 

Also, with needing it for so much, it was incredibly scattered. And it just makes no darn sense to have two or forty of these things to record each aspect of my life I need to be writing down. That starts out fun, it gets annoying. Quickly

And then, there is losing it. 

I'd love to show you pictures of my journal. But, I can't. Because I lost it. And at some point in time, I gave in and let the kids have my planning stickers.

I had similar issues with a yearly planner, so the truth is, I'm sure it's just how I work (or don't work) that makes this unhelpful and even just plain stressful. 

So, I'm back to what I do instead of journaling. 

I use my erasable calendar. Everyone's events go on it. Even if I have to write super tiny. That's our family planner.

For work ideas, I keep a sketch book. They drilled it into us in art school how important that is. I thought they were being jerks, but keeping one is paramount to working on art project ideas with any focus. And it can be an emotional thing, too. A bad day can turn into a great sketch for a later work. For people not keeping a sketch diary, I can see how bullet journaling might fulfill that. For an artist though, I'd just say get the sketchbook. 

For work and financial transactions, it's a folder for documents and a computer file. I still need to work on better budgeting, and I'll probably try to read up on that. I can see how keeping a written ledger would help with monthly budgeting, though, and I might try one just for that. 

The only other thing I could think that I need a journal like this for would be our family recipes. It's annoying to look up ingredients for something several times, and sad when you forgot to jot down that cool cake idea you saw in the library book you already returned. I'm going to look into getting a book just for the recipes we use on a daily basis. Hopefully, it's something the kids can have later on, too. 

As for writing? Well, the actual writing keeps track of my progress and ideas. Trying to log that and story plots into a daily journal just didn't help me. I've met authors who love it, and swear by the daily reminders as motivation. 

But for daily life? A complicated book I have to spend time logging everything into (usually while supervising or wrangling 1-3 children) and then it disappears, taking with it my schedule and ideas and notes until I reopen it?


I'll try the next trend. 

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