Friday, July 7, 2017

Skinner Drawings Part II and The New Food Thing (it ties in, I swear...sort of).

Finally getting caught up with my Drawing With Skinner episodes (if you missed the post on the initial show, it's like if you combined Bob Ross with Pee-Wee and Dark Metal) and these always seem to be on my heavy medical appointment weeks where I'm not as energetic. So I'm basically just working along as I watch it with the theme of the day but with paper and Prismacolors and now my ink pen (that I finally found...again). 

I went ahead and messed with this one more digitally, too. Just because that's what I do. And it's fun. Digital manipulations with art you have completed is all the experiment and zero risks, we were encouraged to do it long before it was common to attempt it; one professor even has us do an entire series where the paintings were completed then a second set where it had all been digitally changed around. You think you'd get sick of working with the same things so long, but the potential to play kept it from being boring. So, really, even if it's not your thing, try it. 

And again, if you are an art fan, these are just great shows
It's an awesome thing he is doing to share with us his process and inspiration and do it all with a dark sense of humor that will get you kicked out of the million dollar gallery shows all of us are fighting to get into. 

The theme for episode 2, as chosen by the creepy fate wheel, was addiction. The guys made some really interesting pieces, mine went in the direction of food. Mostly because that's a lot of what we've been thinking about in my house. 

My kids wanted to lean toward a vegetarian diet, and there is some decent evidence for heavily plant based. I'm not for dieting. I think it sort of makes people insane. And having known serious, mind-numbing hunger and the pain that goes with it, I know I won't deal with it again on purpose and won't let anyone around me feel that way either (dessert is a right in this house, not a privilege). 

But, being sick, I think vegetarian is worth a try. Even if it's just a most of the time arrangement, you're saving the resources meat gobbles up to make it to your plate and maybe eating better in the process. So, we're checking out a ton of kid-friendly veggie cookbooks. Because skipping meat means you had better know what you're doing when it comes to food or you are going to be bored really fast. Also, it gets all of us involved with meal-planning, which makes it suck less. And hopefully it saves us some cash, but pricing it so far, it's about the same. 

And seriously, cooking meat in modern times kind of blows. Infections, contamination, blood, blood sludge if cooking frozen meat, internal cooking temps.-that is a great deal of worry. More than I'd like to put into preparing meals every single day. We're not putting all meat away forever, but having a break from all this sounds pretty good to me. 

One thing I did notice on our first no meat day (we already don't do real milk here) was EVERYONE ATE EVERYTHING. Even the toddler.That's something I guess. 

So, yeah. Food addictions I think are a thing, but not simple. I think it happens almost as a byproduct of surviving a suboptimal world where you don't have access to what you really need, or so much stress that you can't focus on anything other than sheer survival. Or, maybe that's just me personally. Either way, this is an attempt to rewire that and hopefully be a little healthier. 

***Also, don't get this confused with weight stigma. There's no excuse for hurting anyone because they look different from you and if there is one thing I have learned in the process of getting diagnosed it is that you can not judge someone's health by looking on the outside. And, yes the girl in my drawing is chubby. I think I draw rather cute chubby people, but that's a personal preference and not one related to food-themes. 

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