Saturday, June 17, 2017

Best Fictional Dad Award in Horror.

One of the best characters I have seen in horror was via the comic collection by Scott Snyder called "Wytches". If you haven't read this yet and are a fan of scary things, you do yourself a disservice by not picking it up. 

Wytches aren't your played out Halloween spooks, either. They are almost like a natural disaster, part of the background in the creepiest way possible. Twisted-faced and bloodthirsty and unrecognizable, the monsters in this story are terrifying. And nearly unstoppable. 

The dad award goes to the character who tried, for the sake of his daughter, to fight them and the people he cared about who had aligned with them out of fear and convenience. Charlie can and will sacrifice everything for his little girl, even in the most unimaginable circumstances. 

But he's not some super hero or angel. He's portrayed as believably human and trying to be better. It's one of the best depictions of a dad and I promise it will haunt you longer than the rest of the story for that reason. 

I am always reminded that I am really lucky in who I love and who chose to love me back. My husband is a great husband, but beyond that, he is a wonderful dad. That strength he has is something our children lean on, and his heart is something we know we can always count on. That's immeasurably beautiful. It's the stuff legendary fictional dads are built on, and we have it in our real life. 

Whether this day is for celebrating the dad you were born with, the ones who came into your life by other means when you needed them, or the one who you share your children with- Happy Father's Day. 

My daughter's card for her dad. 

And, yes, Rick Grimes is on the Best Dad in Horror list. I went with a less familiar character, but he deserves honorable mention. 

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