Monday, May 8, 2017

Tachy Coffee Habits

It's weird to have something that helps you so much in daily life but also screws with your health. Okay, that's probably not that weird. 

For those of us with heart problems, specifically tachycardia, the much worshiped substance of caffeine poses a problem. Speeding up an already spastic heart is generally a bad idea. 

Coffee has become one of those things I have to use to actually live my life. The medication used for things like SVT can make you tired. And life can make you tired. And in combination I have found it drags me to the ground. The caffeine boost gives me a jump start at times when I'd normally need a nap just to function. 

I've had some MDs say just take the nap, but how many parents can do that? Not to mention sleeping before bed messes up my schedule so that I can not fall asleep and rise early the next day. 

Caffeine can also help with overall moods, so that's nice also. 

But, today, with everyone in my house taking turns getting really sick, I drank an iced coffee. And forgot to eat. Which means I didn't take my SVT medication in time. Which means I almost passed out. 

I have several friends with heart problems who have entirely cut out coffee, chocolate, all of it as soon as they found out it was a trigger. 

I know it is one of mine. 

I also know I have to function. Coffee helps me do that. 

So, here are the rules for my own tachy coffee drinking...

1. Do not to have more than one serving once per day. It's just too much to handle. Watch things with hidden caffeine like chocolate, too.

2. Drink a water at the same time to avoid dehydrating.

3. Take the morning dose of my meds with at least some food or a small snack before touching coffee. Most meds to treat things like SVT need food to be absorbed properly. This one I struggle with. It's hard to fight the urge for a fast wake-up, but worth it. I'm still dealing with feeling bad from not doing this before I had my coffee today. 

Always if you have any health problems talk to your MD about your diet, and your caffeine. Always. Do not use anything I say ever as medical advice. Or anything online. Only your MD can help you with this.

I think those of us with heart stuff can find ways to get stuff done or enjoy certain things, but it will be different than everyone else, so it takes some professional input.

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