Monday, May 15, 2017

Replacing Messages.

Lately, I tend to think I'm doing pretty good. Then I always encounter something specific that sets me back a few miles. Like a written out diagnosis. Or a damn commercial.

It was a happy, calm Mother's Day where I didn't have to cook and we all went to the park. We watched Charlie Brown (which is like an all-time favorite for me) and got everyone in bed, and then I see a commercial online for Gatorade. No, it's not that I hate the sports drink and it ruined my day. It was a commercial about a baseball player whose mother died from pulmonary hypertension. Because Happy Mother's Day, I guess? 

She's suddenly weak, all the fun stuff she used to do with and for her kid disappears, and we cut to her asking him to take out the trash and him breaking down because he is having to take care of the entire house on his own-and then she's dead. 

Thanks for that. I'd nearly forgotten the pale shadow of death was hovering over myself and my family for a second, there. 

Can't have that. 

So, I guess the moral of the story is be careful what you watch, even accidentally, because it all affects your outlook. 
I did find some more positive stuff, too, but boy it takes a lot of that to suck the venom out of the bad stuff you get hit with. Especially when all of this is new and scary. 

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