Sunday, May 7, 2017

Online Grocery Shopping and Making Life Easier.

When the idea of ordering groceries online started really gaining momentum I heard the same thing over and over again: That it was another excuse for people to be lazy. 

Apparently, your level of productivity in life can be measured by you picking out your own almond milk. 

All joking aside, if this is your line of thinking, then I need you to take a moment to yank your head out of the darkness of your butt just long enough to realize not every single person in this world is living your experiences or has access to the nice things that you do-like extra time, energy, or support. 

Walmart has pioneered it in my local area, offering covered pick-up areas, their massive store variety for online ordering, and wonderful, fast service. It sort of freaked me out the first time I tried it, but I had to face that between MD appointments and things for the kids I had no time to run our weekly huge grocery trip. It was out of necessity. I'm generally a picky shopper, so the idea of someone choosing my food for me or shopping my list was pretty foreign. 

However, after talking to Walmart about how they ran the trips-things like not keeping anything cold out for longer than fifteen minutes, a feat I can't even manage when I plan the sections of dry pantry goods first, I felt better. And they have always been nice and concise with every single order. It also helps me because I'm always trying to stay under a budget number-ordering online means you can't possibly mess that up. 

For me, it was and has been a lifesaver. I can get what I need for home cooked meals without hurting myself to do it. 

I'm not sure people understand how important that is. How important it is for people who are chronically ill, or who have kids who are. How important it is for those who don't have time or headspace to get everything they need. 

This service changes the quality of life. 

And how wonderful is that? 

Man, we get a lot of Mom's Best...

If you've needed something like this but have been scared to try it, please don't be. You may not be a Walmart shopper, and I didn't go there often when I had to physically walk the store, but more and more grocery chains are picking up the idea of running the orders with no additional fee-Kroger and HEB in some locations are trying it. You probably will soon have your pick of where to shop that offers all of this. 

Don't let anyone lucky enough to have all the resources to shop for themselves and their family make you feel guilty for doing this, either. There are so many ways to be a great member of society, and feeling superior about picking your damn peanut butter off the shelf on your own is not one of them. 

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