Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Drawing With Skinner: The Art Show You Didn't Know You Needed.

Have you seen the new awesome that is the Youtube art show called "Drawing with Skinner"? It's worth looking at. I promise. Not just for people who specialize in that type of dark or psychedelic art, either. 

It's got a Pee-Wee's Playhouse (of darkness) vibe and a little bit of Bob Ross art expertise molded in. But this is mostly a free-form show, he won't tell you how to do a specific tree. Skinner will spin a wheel of fate to find the theme and give you steps like "INK IT!". But, that kind of instruction allows you to be really free within the confines of whatever theme is picked. 

That benefits you the same way sketching will. It's why your art professor told you to carry around a sketchbook. That time spent developing ideas and allowing yourself just to make something, anything, is invaluable to artists. It's what daydreaming is to writers. It's how you grow, it's how you find courage for new techniques or styles. 

Any show that does that and makes art an everyday conversation gets five stars from me. 

It did have some cons, I'm not really into or supportive of drug and alcohol talk. As a child of an addict, I've learned to tune that stuff out. I have literally zero interest. But...I don't control other people: they can do what they chose and talk about whatever they want, and some of that content was expected. It's not enough to skip watching the series, but keep in mind it's not for kids. Turn on Bob Ross for them, instead. 

And if you surf over that stuff, Skinner and his guest get into some important talk too. One of the first questions he asks is along the lines of "who first told you that you couldn't draw?". All of us that studied art can answer that (and about 90% of the time, it was one of our instructors...). They talk about the processes and materials, and for the most part, it's pretty entertaining. 

Combined with watching the artworks develop, I'm going to go ahead and say art fans and artists need to watch it. 

Waiting for an MD appointment, I finished a sketch with the theme of the day the Wheel of Fun picked-"hallucination." My toddler helped me fill in the color while in a waiting room, and this is the most fun I've had working on something I started on because of an art show. I look forward to doing more pieces while tuning into Drawing With Skinner. 

Drawing With Skinner piece "Hallucinate". Instead of canvas and paint
I had to use Prismacolor and paper, and some help from my toddler. The darker shades of ink are digital.
Maybe next time I can be able to use an actual canvas, but paper and Prismas are the king of accessible in my house right now...Anyway, this was fun. Try it. Watch the show, and absolutely try working along with these guys. 

Give the show a shot. You can take a look at some specific pieces by Skinner here to get a feel for the type of art he specializes in. My favorite might be the brain creatures...and don't worry, paintbrushes talk smack to everyone. 

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