Monday, April 24, 2017

The Green Cycle

I sort of missed this post by a few days. Earth Day found us with gross new respiratory viruses, and you can find us with them still. This is the fourth one in three months. 


Anyone who gets anything beyond the minimum done while sick is a hero. 

We didn't get to do our usual nature center thing this year for Earth Day, and I'm kind of sad about that. We didn't even feel good enough to start our yearly planting yet, which we always have done traditionally on this holiday. We did watch Bill Nye Saves The World on Climate Change, but that was really about it (Is it weird I sort of prefer the Science Guy kid shows over the new one?).

It got me thinking about how the little stuff might matter in terms of being planet-friendly. 

And that got me thinking about the best part of cloth diapering. 

When you're finished or have moved onto training pants, you have something valuable to give to someone else and their baby. 

Today's cloth diapers are extraordinary. No joke, they are fantastic. But you pay for that. Hundreds of dollars upfront for the 18-24 you need in that first year. But since they don't fall apart with the use of one or sometimes even two kiddos, once you don't need them anymore, you can donate what you have to help another person. I have a lot that were gifted from friends. 

And, isn't that cool? That at the end of a milestone in your baby's life, instead of a pile of garbage, you have a gift. 

Some people can even resale their diaper stash for a profit, but there are tons of places that need our help and donations, too.  or any of the charities listed here at are great choices. 

Diapers, even disposable ones, are pricey. And having diapers that are reusable means you don't have to choose between buying them or food. As long as you have a way to wash them, your baby is covered. 

Also, they are really, really cute. But that's just extra. 

Littlest almost two years ago
wearing a BumGenius diaper, which is my go-to. 

I do get it, they are more work. It's not a solution for everyone and probably shouldn't be brought up as one: even to the problem of going green(er). It's extra work to take apart a diaper that needs cleaning, it kind of sucks to have a stanky wet bag hanging around to be laundered every few days, but I can tell you I feel like it was worth it. There were so many days I was grateful to never have a diaper emergency or have to buy less groceries or other things we needed because we had to purchase disposables. And the truth is they stayed on better. We had a baby who was incredibly tall and thin, and keeping disposables on her once she was mobile was kind of a nightmare. 

I'm glad this was a choice I made for my last baby and glad that her diapers will soon be going to people who need them. 

I feel like that's Earth Day in a nutshell. Help the planet and help everyone else in the same stride. 

And, yes, I'm buying cloth training pants for my toddler. Have you even seen how cute those are? Plus, like diapers, training pant disposables can break the bank until your child is nearly fully trained so you save on that, too. 

With any luck, we'll all be up and gardening next week. Hope you had a fun and thoughtful Earth Day. 

Earth Day Graphic.

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