Monday, February 13, 2017

Why Talk About The Matrix Philosophy on Valentine's Day? "Because I choose to."

Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy your cardstock greetings that come with stickers and chocolates, and your dinner reservations or quiet evenings at home with the ones you care for most. 

Love probably means different things to different people. I can't tell you, coming from the hell I came from, where I learned what love was for sure, but I think a lot of it was from books and pop culture. 

For me, love is not a feeling. It's a choice. It's a decision you make. It's the idea that you will put that person first and care for them. Even when it's dangerous. Even when it's scary. Even when you know you'll get hurt in the process. 

One of the best books I ever came across that explained this very well was "Like a Splinter in Your Mind: The Philosophy Behind the Matric Trilogy" by Matt Lawrence. 

There is a section just picking apart the relationship between Neo and Trinity, which, if you ask me, was the driving force of the series. The idea that we aren't what we think we are has been around since before Descartes, though The Matrix presented it in wonderfully new and thought-out packaging. 

The heavy stuff in it was how do you love someone more than yourself, more than anything, in that absolutely doomed scenario, and is it even possible to do that? 

The answer is yes. If you chose to. 

The book explains that if love were just a feeling to you, it would be fickle. 

Sadness is a feeling. Are you sad all the time? Does it come and go? 

Love can't work that way. Loving someone that much is always a decision. Be careful with that decision. Find someone willing to be heroic enough to make the same decision for you. Because it's not always an easy one. You'll have dark and doom and danger-filled days together. Choosing to really love someone takes perseverance and bravery and vulnerability, and those are all things human beings struggle with on the regular. 

Real love, though, it makes you better. It really does. It doesn't mean it won't be hard, it just means it makes you a person that is better able to navigate those things. That is the magic in it. 

Happy Valentine's Day, and happy reading. 

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