Friday, February 3, 2017

Babywearing: How My Sling Saved My Toe...

After two ring slings and three babies, I am definitely an advocate for babywearing. You can find it in many cultures because it is useful. One of the things you lose when you have a young baby or toddler in the home is the freedom of your arms. Believe me, they will damn near be constantly occupied. 

The first sling I ever had for my firstborn saved my sanity. It allowed us to go on walks easily and me to be brave enough to take her shopping alone (I was scared of everything back then). It lasted for the next baby, too. My son had to be carried in it by myself or my husband or he would just cry himself into exhaustion. And it helped me spend time with my toddler while keeping my smaller child happy. 
A really cute storybook for kids that shows babywearing all over the world. 

I knew two years ago when I was pregnant I'd be purchasing one again (the one that held up between my older two bit the dust shortly after). The most economical and still safety rated slings I found were at I was lucky enough to grab mine on clearance, too. 

I highly recommend all expectant mothers, whether this is your first baby or your sixth, get some kind of babywearing gadget. And probably not the little dingy ones they have at regular retailers. Those might be okay for some people, but being plus sized it did not work for me at all, and some later had overheating safety concerns. There is a learning curve here, but Maya Wraps and many other specialty retailers will help you through it with how-to's. Mine even came with a DVD on how to use it. 

No, it's not going to change your life, but babywearing really WILL make it a little less aggravating and complicated. 

I felt the need to talk about this today because I was able to visit my primary care physician and have my infected and near falling off toenail that is black and blue from an impact injury drained and wrapped while holding my sleeping toddler in my sling. 

It also helped to keep me calm, as I couldn't see the procedure with a baby in front of me. 

And all I could think of was thank goodness I remembered to put our ring sling in the car. 

Seriously, if you are a busy mom, especially a WAHM, you don't get downtime. Even when hurt or sick sometimes, you won't get it. Having your hands free to get the stuff done that won't wait for you to recover means quite a bit. 

Never had any damn luck getting writing done with it, though. Like I mentioned, baby right in front of you makes doing things like typing hard.

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