Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Why I think Writing Courses are Cool and Free is Awesome.

I enrolled in a distance learning course on fantasy fiction writing, and have just started it. Within the first thirty minutes, I learned new things. Fantasy is not a total unknown to me, but it wasn't my favorite or starting genre, and already I feel more confident in my ability to write while having a guide and lesson plans. 

I absolutely know, however, that some people find that draining in the worst way. But I think as a WAHM they help me tremendously...

Writing courses, for me, help channel my attention into getting something done. While I can and did finish a novel without it, I damn sure am not interested in doing it again right now with our busy schedule, and three child life, and fighting the drains on my everyday health. I needed this. And I needed it right now because when so much is in flux or you are having a rough year, it just seems to help to fixate on accomplishing something even if it's just an online course. 

I'm a GIANT fan of libraries, they have done so much to increase the quality of life for so many, including my children, and guess what: This course was offered completely free through a local library program. And they have tons of other courses and certificates. Before you go paying hundreds of bucks for distance learning, please check around at your library and other online sources just to see if what you want or need to learn is offered. 

Want to hear a kind of ugly truth? Had I known about things like this, I probably would not have gone back to university chasing my certificate. 

I would have had more time at home with my baby (who was, back then, a baby-baby) and my older two, who were still kind of tiny...

I maybe would have felt a little less brave, but you know what, maybe not. The piece of paper you get from going to $chool will not help you the way just getting #$% done will in humanities. It won't. This would have been an easier and less insane way to accomplish the extra training, and while I was grateful to get the chance to work with programs like Maya on huge mega computers at college-I could have done some of that at home, too. For free. 

Those wasted nights, those days I should have been taking care of my health, those finals so stressful I often caught an illness preparing for them, those nights I was unable to eat dinner with my family or eat dinner at all...I don't feel now that it was worth my time. And that is the truth.

 I wanted that piece of paper because I was fighting the effects of being conditioned to think I was worthless. 

The distance learning classes, you are there simply because that is where you want to be and what you want to learn. You're not expensively ticking off a list of pre-approved subjects you need to prove competent in even if they make you want to jam a pencil in your brain. 
We're not even going to talk about the scary painting instructor or how long this
took to get finished...Or the fact that I have to redo this illustration for
it to be useable. Seriously, online courses are the way to go sometimes...

So, if you find you are fighting writer's block or just fighting the funk, maybe a free online course might help. Learning for fun is the best way to be a human. And you never know where it may lead.

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