Thursday, December 22, 2016

Winter Things and Books as Survival Tools

It's sort of winter here in Texas, it's sort of not. One thing for sure, no snow. Which, I don't do well in cold, but when we do have to deal with it, you feel ripped off. If you are going to be freezing and miserable, you need to get snow to play in. Otherwise, it's just that first thing...

The toddler is really the only one who can quietly play in a sensory bin for a long time, but the older ones will join in if it proves too much fun. We made fake snow recently, and everyone loved it. Even my carpet, which is trying to hold onto small bits of the stuff despite my protesting. It does, however, clean up better than rice. Or kinetic sand. 

Try the baking soda recipe- 2 1/2 to 3 cups baking soda (we used 3, most recipes call for 2.5 cups)
and mix it with 1/2 cups of conditioner (white, or the snow won't be white. Use a mild one you like the smell of, it will permeate everything). It was fun, and you can find other wintery ideas if you feel the season swindled you out of snow here

We found ourselves back at the local bookstore, since now the toddler's naps interfere with getting outside in the few hours of daylight, and both older children asked for a book. Not a toy. A book. And they both wanted the same book. It was expensive, but I felt like I could not turn that down. Both of them are Gravity Falls fans, and it is a wonderful show with their favorite things-1. monsters and 2. hilarious jokes. It's rare to have them both that interested in something. 
It's as cute and funny as the show.
Upon checking out, the cashier told us about their book drive going on. We could buy one of the books they had set aside for kids that needed them (each local branch of Barnes & Noble will have a different charity) and they would donate it to them for us. I had just overspent on a book for my own two kids on a shoestring holiday budget, so I just sort of stood there, probably with a stupid look on my face, for a minute. People think books don't mater as much as everything else. I know they do. I know it. The cashier offered to help us chose one we could afford, and I'm glad she took the time to do it. 

In the worst times of my life, reading made all the difference. I'm still passionate about it to this day. They, along with the people who really showed me what love is, saved me. If you can spare even a small amount, you might go to your Barnes and Noble and see what charity they are donating to, and if you can afford to grab a book for someone who might need that lifeline. There are details online here .

How I survive the Wastelands. 

Maybe that's too much for your budget. I get that, too. Trust me. You might consider donating some of your used books then, to your library or a thrift store, or just to someone you know. Just, if you have found any solace, any comfort, any will you needed to live your life in the pages of a story, see if you can find a way to share that with someone else (whatever that way is). Happy Holidays. 

(If you ever can't find me here, try over at, where I guest post reviews. I will, however, try to post with more frequency as our busy season slows down into just a season). 

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