Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween in 2016

(Mostly friendly) Forest spirits. 
My Roman, my Spartan, my Unicorn.
 Halloween is a big family ordeal for us. It was even before we had a big family, actually. I'm so grateful everyone had a great time both at traditional trick-or-treating and at a party. It is so much fun helping the kids decide what to be, and creating characters for ourselves. It is too bad it falls on a Monday-it feels like it should be a weekend holiday every year, a stationary one like Thanksgiving. 

And just as quickly as blowing out a candle, October is dark and gone. 

And next month holds the pilgrimage to the novel, if things go right, a completed one. It's an uphill battle, on terrain you don't know, with bad weather and limited resources. It's normal to ask why the hell anyone would try to finish a book of 50k or more words in thirty days. Most will give you different answers for doing NaNoWriMo. 

Me? I need the deadline. NEED it. I work best within confines, and daily regular routine with three children does not allow everyday time set aside for creating. This is a marathon sprint. It isn't supposed to be comfortable, but you, however it plays out, will be stronger for the attempt.

I have each chapter outlined. The goal for me is to get at least half of a chapter per day, but if I can get an entire one, even better. I'm handwriting this, which isn't a popular choice, but it's a valid one if it helps you speed and availability-wise. I have different colored pens, with the intent to switch colors every two to three paragraphs. It was an old ADD trick to track when you might need a break, and to keep everything in manageable chunks. I also have a sticker to place on the calendar for every day I complete my goal (I get it, that sounds stupid, it helps to give a feeling of progression though). 

October is the heralding of Fall, and November is the triumphant stroll it takes. Everything burns red and beautiful, and it's my favorite month for making new things. 

Good luck to everyone embarking on the the journey to getting books finished next month! 

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