Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Books that Stand Out.

This week,  I'm over at the book review blog of Literary Dust to talk about a creative writing book that is going into my list of the BEST creative writing books. It focuses on helping people who work with speculative fiction, but anyone needing to accomplish anything creative can benefit from it: go over here and visit, and read about how a skeleton bird in a tuxedo and lots of monster diagrams will help your fiction.

Honestly, be careful about how much advice you take on writing. Like most other things in life, there is a ton of unhelpful stuff in that department.

And, when you come across it, be willing to stretch and snap it apart and use only what you want, and be skeptical of anything promising you success with a formula. I can promise you, that isn't what this book does. Which, is what makes it great, along with the art and approach. Sometimes, you just need inspiration. Sometimes you need a different way to look at what you're doing to avoid getting a ticket for the world's crappiest theme park, Writer's Block Land, and if this helped me, it might help you.

The worst thing you can be doing to yourself is not working. It's something I have to remind myself of often.

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