Monday, July 11, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday-Ten facts about me.

Via Literary Dust

Top Ten Tuesday's 10 facts about me-

1. I've been writing since Kindergarten (and yes, most of the stories were scary).
2. My natural hair color is almost identical to my skin color.
3. I can't wait until they come out with colored contacts for people with astigmatism.
4. I wanted four children (still do, but am not healthy enough to even consider it).
5. At least four people have told me I remind them of Rose from The Joy Luck Club personality-wise.
6. My favorite kind of music is industrial.
7. My favorite color is black.
8. My heroines as a kid were Morticia Addams and Lily Munster.
9. I consider commercial/gaming art on the same level as fine art.
10. I'm not extremely fluent in ASL, but I can have a conversation with you in it (and so can my youngest daughter).

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