Monday, July 18, 2016

The Summer V 2.0

Trying to get things put together over the summer is, well...

Are we taking pictures?

Take a picture of these sticks we painted (they actually
do look pretty cool). 

Take a picture of my new hat. I found it in the sandbox.

Hectic. I don't have an illusion it will get faster or better when school starts again, because then you have a lot to get ready and be present for even if the older kids are gone for several hours a day. Being the caretaker means these projects are between laundry piles, and meal plans. It gives you some time to do routine things and daydream, but it also means you've got to struggle for balance-which most parents probably do. Graduating and finally being able to participate in life right now is about dealing with all the things I had no time or space for during the last two years, it's been weeks busy with appointments rather than the summer I thought was coming. 

I wonder, sometimes, if a regular 9-5 (or 7-3, in the case of the education system) would have been better. Would I be less stressed, working for a direct paycheck. Would we be better off financially? Would the kids have a better role model of a working mom? 

Yeah. Probably. 

But this is what I do. 

If the afterlife is a place, I think the first people I'll ask to sit with and have a drink while talking to will be people like Poe and Van Gogh. I want to know how they dealt with being creators when, during their time, they were mostly not valued. Most of us dream of when the whirlwind of work required to be an artist/writer makes a difference in our lives, and a difference in lives of our children. 

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