Saturday, July 9, 2016

High hopes and Buying a Planner, and High Hopes for Buying a Planner.

I had all these grand plans about after I graduated. 

Mostly about taking care of myself-caring for my hair, my body, managing my time. But, like every final I've had in the past two years, I am sick. Another round of kidney stones, not as bad as last year's (I had to give a presentation about the workings of a website for that one), but not fun, either. My mom and I were recently into a serious argument about the handling of my dad's car accident (he's okay, and continued right on along to his MD appointment after being hit, but it was scary). The truth is, we have never gotten along. Arrangements so she doesn't feel alone or abandoned have to be made, but I think meeting on neutral ground and just focusing on the grandkids is the best plan. Right now, though, I just want time. And quiet. Two things I've felt utterly out of my grasp for a long, long time. 

I'd tried to go ahead and take the kids to the park during the early stages of getting sick. I was the only parent at the park in the evening sweating and breathing extremely hard. Lots of fun. Generally there are two stages of hell with stones, the first is the "something is crawling through my guts!", followed by the "I feel like I'm being stabbed with a porcupine when I pee!". The former is my least favorite. >:P But, I'm not in severe pain right now, just...tired.

So, we stayed in today, in a pop-up pool in the backyard and my husband grilled us dinner, and other than running to the store for supplies, I did nothing but watch the kids play. That, not having to be somewhere else or glued to the computer working, I've missed that. 

I did manage to buy myself a weekly planner, a little one from Office Depot, before the stone attack hit. 
The print is my son's from his kindergarten's lesson via "The Kissing Hand".

Using it has already helped, but I probably need detailed stickers to remind me about the daily chore stuff, picking up dry cleaning, I'm not doing so much writing in the tiny spaces. I've been able to make grocery lists in it and plans for when to shop (during school, and especially summer school, it was literally mad dashes in under thirty minutes and clawing through the aisles trying to remember what we were low on and why I made the trip...) and I feel better already. I've missed my last two days of writing due to being sick, but I'm hoping it's not a pattern. At least, writing it down and marking it as done or not holds me accountable. I'll let you know if that helps, but it's worked for every other aspect of my ADD life.

And then, there's this project. 
Forgive the crummy lighting. And the Green Toy's tea cup. The baby thought
she was helping. 

No, not decluttering my bedroom. 

Although I also need to do that. 

These are hand-painted illustrations to be digitally reworked for my children's book. When I met with a comic book artist and manager, he told me to redo the line work on the final four canvases (I feel like I was wore out about midway through this project. It was what got me accepted into the program I was in, but 12+ paintings was a lot of work for a few months, and I think it suffered for that reason) and, going in digitally is my quickest way to fix that. 

I have a cover, but I don't like it. It is missing something and also needs reworked. 

It's a lot, but the skeletal framework is there, and I just need to flesh it out. 

I think the logged writing time in my planner will either count for CDW book II or putting this together. I hope to have progress on both at the end of summer. In addition, the blog needs better graphics, I am looking to join up with a local writer's group, and I have got to put together a functional design portfolio. 

Maybe I can just title an hour slot in the planner as "work" and count it for all of those...

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