Monday, July 4, 2016

Deadlines and the Things Before and After Them.

After a laid back Independence Day, which consisted of taking the older kids to visit and swim with our family friends, and watching glittering and mostly quiet fireworks in a very dark playground, I'm finishing up my last project.
The ad for my last project, a product line. It's not critiqued and might change a bit, but
this is mostly it. 

My last project at this university. We get to review with our peers, and let them gently tear down the weak spots so we can revamp, but this is it.

And it has been an obstacle course here lately. Two cars in need of repair, one of which we never would have been able to fix without help from our family, a quick mini-vacation to a cabin squeezed in between deadlines, and, after feeling horrible for a long time, I was finally told I was anemic. 

I'm getting better now, with iron pills and hormone therapy, and the pains in my legs doesn't wake me from a dead sleep. The headaches are less frequent, the weird tightening and numbness in my hands not the huge deal they were. The worst part of it was being out of breath while doing ALMOST NOTHING. It impaired even being able to carry my toddler on outings. Coming back around the other side of this, I sort of wondered how I didn't put it all together on my own. Even my MD's nurse asked why the hell I didn't come in, and I didn't have an answer. We were just too busy.

I've started a list of things I want to do in the week after school, as we catch our breath. One is getting my hair cut (mine is thick, and summer is hard with long, thick hair), the second is buying myself a personal planner to make my daily world, when I'm not subject to telling time via when an assignment is due, easier. And the third I want more of the laid back time of summer. The not going to places that require too much driving summer, the swim every chance we get summer, the have time for people who need us this summer. 
Our cabin view. 

The best photo I could get of all three of them. 

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