Friday, May 20, 2016

The Punch in the Face of Chapter 2

Just finished a long day.

And chapter 2.

Having been stuck for awhile, I followed my own advice, and sketched a scene. (No artistic critiques now, it took all of 30 minutes and I know it blows.)

I started work on it this morning and wrapped it up this evening. If I'm lucky, everyday will be like this. It's difficult peeling away things you can set aside as a mother and wife so that you can get these words down. And, unfortunately, as a horror writer, you feel what your characters do. So, at the end of your long day, you might end up emotionally crushed. Or frightened. Or worse. Actually, that might be all writers.

But I still maintain we have to do those kinds of things more often.

Tonight, I tackled the big fight. In the first novel, we had the "carriers''-Blight's preferred method of infection via nasty, but lithe, pus-filled creatures that were incredibly strong. Here in chapter 2 of the second novel, we have "blood bags". One appeared (one) in the first book as well, but these are not the crawling under a sheet variety. Long sitting in the viral load, they are blood bags on steroids.

I'm physically and mentally tired after this scene. But I'll share a snip with you, not the worst moment, but the deciding one.

" “How big?” Rain asked.
                “They…shouldn’t be here.” Anu said. “You have to run.”
                Rain dropped down and lightly rolled to the right just enough to let his father slide to the ground. Rain drug another piece of the street around Anu. Finally the creature was visible, it had stopped moving to eat two afflicted, cutting them open in the middle and letting their rotten blood flow down its translucent skinned-throat, but spitting out the corpses. It was a giant, a human skull with knife teeth and wired blood vessels that ran into a gorged stomach protected by a rib cage. The legs were skin-covered, but it was malformed and ran on all fours, and each foot ended in long deadly claws. The blood stank so badly, it made Rain wretch. “Hide here. I’ll kill it, then I’ll come back for you. Stay here,” Rain told Anu. His father looked at him for a long time, then laid his bloodied head on his muzzle.
                “Blight makes the bloodbags. They don’t just…happen. They’re overexposed to the virus. If they are here, it means-”
                “Rest here.” Rain said. Anu scooted backwards and leaned against the wall of the underground tunnel, sticking dirt onto his open wounds. If he survived, the bacteria from this place would try and snuff him out, Rain worried. He had to get his father back up to the surface. The sooner they put the wounds together and cleaned them out, the better his chances.
                And there was just this thing. 
                Just this thing in the way of saving his father.  "

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