Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day.

acrylic on canvas 
My mother's day was beautiful. I hope everyone's was.

My relationship with my mother is complicated, but even when people don't or can't get along, or they are bad for each other, they can still love each other. And, I think we have that. Some days are not as easy, some days I remember what I went through, what I don't and never will have, and it hurts and I am angry- and some days are effortless. Today was pretty effortless. Effortless days are good days. On the good and bad days, I still love my parents.

Don't lecture anyone who tells you they had a difficult family past.

Some chose to cut ties, it's not a decision they made lightly, and sometimes the abuses are so great, or the distance between a parent and child is just so large that it is the only good choice. Some chose lessened contact, a lost art of catching your breath between interactions, and that is just as valid. It's a personal choice. One you get reminded of on days like today. We didn't all get a happy home. Some of us didn't even get a functional one, or some of us have lost a wonderful parental figure and are dealing with the pain and memory of that, so be kind on these holidays. To everyone. Always.

My husband and children and even my mom and dad helped to make and pick out gifts, overall the day just reminds me how fortunate I am to have so many wonderful people in my life, a few of which call me their mom.

What an amazing thing.

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